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Gagnon Group

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Pr. Gagnon's research group specializes in the fields of organic synthesis, methodology, catalysis, medicinal chemistry, epigenetics and organometallic chemistry. We are developing reactions catalyzed by transition metals such as copper and palladium and involving reagents called organobismuths. In the field of medicinal chemistry, we are developing inhibitors of biological targets involved in the expression of genes that play a role in the development of diseases such as cancer. More specifically, we are targeting DNA methyltransferases (DNMTs), transcription factors and epigenetic readers (readers).


Pr. Alexandre Gagnon

Alexandre Gagnon, Ph.D.

Full Professor, Chemistry

Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM)

Department of chemistry

Bureau: CB-3660, Lab: CB-3450

Case Postale 8888, Succ. Centre-Ville,

Montréal (Québec)

Canada, H3C 3P8

Téléphone: 1.514.987.3000 ext 6856

Organic chemistry

Functional group transformation, organic reactions, amino acids, peptides, heterocycles


DNA methyltransferase inhibitors, bromodomain inhibitors, inhibitors of transcription factors

Bismuth chemistry

Synthesis of trivalent and pentavalent organobismuths, use in the formation of C–C,

C–O, C–N and C–S bonds


Transcription factors

Development of inhibitors of transcription factor YAP–TEAD, Hippo pathway




Transition metal-catalyzed reactions, copper, palladium, optimization of reaction conditions, ligands, organometallic chemistry

Amino acids

Arylation of amino acids, tryptophan, tyrisone

Palladium Catalysis

Cross-coupling reactions

Carbonylative cross-coupling reactions

Medicinal chemistry

Hit-to-lead, lead optimization, rational design, docking studies, SAR studies


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