Origin of current and past members

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Current Members


Pr. Alexandre Gagnon, Ph.D.

Research Director

Hwai-Chien Chan.png

Hwai-Chien Chan

Ph.D., 2018 – present

Synthesis of covalent inhibitors of transcription factors

Bianca Bueno.jpg

Bianca Bueno

Ph.D., 2019 – present

Development of cyclopropylation methods

yarelys Elena Augusto Jimenez.jpg

Yarelys Elena Augusto-Jimenez

Ph.D., 2019 – present

Synthesis of DNMT inhibitors

Annabelle Yoakim.png

Bianca Bueno

Ph.D., 2019 – present

Development of cyclopropylation methods

Ahmed fnaiche.jpg

Ahmed Fnaiche

Ph.D., 2019 – present

Synthesis of reversible inhibitors of transcription factors


Rémi Edouard

Stage d'été 2022

Synthèse d'organobismuth et son utilisation en synthèse organique

Past Members

Pauline Petiot.png

Pauline Petiot

Ph.D, 2012–2016

Synthesis of organobismuths

functionalized and used in arylation reactions

Cynthia Crifar.png

Cynthia Crifar

Ph.D, 2012–2013

O-Arylation of phenols using organobismuths

Danny Chhin.png

Danny Chhin

B.Sc., Summer 2012

Phenanthrenequinone synthesis for electrochemical applications

Bianca Bueno.png

Bianca Bueno

M.Sc. (Master, France)


Development of an S-cyclopropylation reaction using tricyclopropylbismuth

Eleonore Delaire.png

Eléonore Delaire

M.Sc. (Master, France) , 2019

Arylation of peptides on solid support

Emeline Benoit.png

Emeline Benoit

Ph.D., 2015–2019

Development of cyclopropylation reactions

Ahmed Fnaiche.png

Ahmed Fnaiche

M.Sc. , 2018–2019

S-Cyclopropylation reaction using cyclopropylboronic acid

Annabelle Yoakim.png

Annabelle Yoakim

B.Sc. (CGCC scholarship)

Summer 2018

Cupro-catalyzed reaction studies

Jérémie Pouliot.png

Jérémie Pouliot

B.Sc. (RQRM scholarship)

Summer 2018

Arylation of peptides on solid support

Marie-Jeanne Archambault.png

Marie-Jeanne Archambault

B.Sc. (NSERC Scholarship)

Summer 2015

Development of chemoselective arylation reactions of peptides


Shuay Abdullayev


2016 – 2017

Synthesis of covalent inhibitors of transcription factors

Myriam Mireault.png

Myriam Mireault

B.Sc. (RQRM Scholarship) - Summer 2016

Synthesis of DNMT inhibitors

B.Sc. (CCVC Scholarship) - Summer 2017

Development of new catalysts for cupro-catalyzed cyclopropylation reactions

Adrien Le Roch master.png

Adrien Le Roch

M.Sc. (Master, France)


Arylation of peptides involving organobismuths

Elizabeth Leduc.png

Elizabeth Leduc ,

B.Sc. (NSERC Scholarship)


Synthesis of DNA methyltansferase inhibitors


Kevin Désaulniers

B.Sc., Summer 2015

Synthesis of organobismuth complexes

Tabinda Ahmad.png

Tabinda ahmad

M.Sc., 2013–2016

Arylation of polyfunctionalized compounds using organobismuths

Francis Pinsonneault.png

Francis Pinsonneault

B.Sc. (CGCC scholarship)


Arylation of

alcohols using organobismuths

Martin Hébert.png

Martin Hébert

M.Sc. (NSERC Scholarship)


Arylation of peptides using organobismuths


Valérie Perrier

B.Sc. (NSERC Scholarship)


Synthesis of derivatives of NSC319745, a DNMT inhibitor

Vicky Doré.png

Vicky Golden

B.Sc, 2012–2013

Synthesis of NSC319745 derivatives

Imene Khene.png

Imene Khene

B.Sc., 2013–2014

Arylation of indoles and azoles using organobismuths

Julien Dansereau master.png

Julien Dansereau

B.Sc - Summer 2013

N-Arylation of azoles and amino alcohols using organobismuths

M.Sc - 2015–2017

Palladium-catalyzed carbonylative cross coupling involving organobismuths


Mélanie Roy-Collinet

B.Sc. (NSERC Scholarship)


Synthesis of derivatives of AK-I-85, a DNMT inhibitor

Valentin Enault.png

Valentin Enault

IUT, 2013

Arylation reactions using organobismuths

Iris Marcoux-Archambault.png

Iris Marcoux-Archambault

CEGEP student


Synthesis of NSC319745 and its derivatives

Anzhelika Kabro.png

Anzhelika Kabro



Investigation of the NSC319745 series as inhibitors of DNMTs

Maxine Junker.png

Maxine Junker



Synthesis of organobismuths

Florien Pierre.png

Florian Pierre

B.Sc., 2012

Thiolesters cross-coupling reactions involving organobismuths

Francois Laverdiere.png

François Laverdière

Associated researcher


Synthesis of organobismuths

Ingrid Pinel.png

Ingrid Pinel

IUT, 2012

Arylation reactions using Organobismuths

Maxime Leroy.png

Maxime Leroy

Ph.D. (Pharmaqam Scholarship)


Development of DNMT inhibitors

Samira Samaali.png

Samira Samaali

B.Sc. (NSERC Scholarship)


Arylation of 1,2-aminoalcohols using organobismuths

Simon Ricard.png

Simon Ricard

Ph.D. (FRQNT scholarship)


Copper-catalyzed amide vinylation reaction

Pricilia Kutudila.png

Pricilia Kutudila

UPEC guest Ph.D.


Organobismuths in organic synthesis


Stéphane Gautreau

B.Sc. (NSERC Scholarship)

Summer 2016

Carbonylative cross coupling reaction involving triarylbismuths


Catherine Choinière

B.Sc. , Summer 2017

S-Cyclopropylation reaction

Adrien Le Roch.png

Adrien Le Roch

Ph.D., 2016 – current

Organobismuth reagents in organic synthesis

Léa Mélin.png

Léa Mélin

Ph.D., 2017–2021

Développement d'inhibiteurs de facteurs de transcription et de lecteurs épigénétiques

Capture d’écran, le 2021-08-23 à 16.32.50.png

Cédric Gros

B.Sc., Été 2021

Synthèses de peptides